Sharing each other’s presence with the one you love shares a sense of love and togetherness to me. That sense that you cannot actually believe what is happening because it seems impossible to be with the person you have longed to be with for so long. It’s when you’ve had a long day and you just need some rest. No phone calls, no texts, no conversations just someone to hug and be next to. Someone you can hold hands with, put your head on their chest and just slowly drift off to sleep. You know what I mean? The kind of lets fall asleep on the phone because you sound so beautiful when you’re sleeping. I love that intimate silence, the one that happens when two people simply loose themselves by looking at each other, and holding each other.

The type of silence that only gets broken with a kiss or with a “Babe I love you, I thank god for you everyday.” People in relationships, commitments, they forget the importance of the basics. They fall into a routine and they forget the reason why they love that person in the first place. They get stuck on just one thing, like sex, or kissing, or arguing, or being with each other when it’s convenient. Then when those things fall apart or they don’t happen anymore, they wonder where all of the love went. Remember to bring it back to the start, when things feel to familiar, act like you’re dating all over again. Never forget the foundation in which love in instilled. I believe loving someone is as a basic as it can be. It’s being with each other, not having to share a word, but still knowing and feeling how one another feels.

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