meschevous:  Thanks for sharing. Hey, you run quite an eclectic blog here, and I'm scrolling and scrolling. I really appreciate your support. See you around. Ah, if this is the ask box... may I ask you to tell me which one is your favorite photo?

No worries. You blog and posts are amazing. I spent quite some time reading and looking through most of it! :) Keep up the awesome work!

june-twentyfifth:  Just followed your blog it's amazing! I feel like we have similar opinions on everything too :)

Thank you for taking the time to look at it! :) 

Both my parents have brought me up to respect my elders and that even though sometime they may be arrogant and ignorant about certain things, I have to still suck it up and be respectful them even if it means making me look like the idiot. But fuck, some adults are just as bad as a 4 year old. My neighbour has to be the biggest fuckwit out there. How the fuck do you call yourself an adult if you can’t even take actions for your own mistakes? Fuckwit. I hope your son does not grow up to be the arrogant jerk like his father is. Have a fucking nice day, you piece of shit.